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Lecture 12

LLecture 12

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

1. Seven Years War: Phase One • British setbacks; the Acadians fate 1. Seven Years War: Phase Two • The turning tide; the conquest • • Beginnings • Fort Duquesne(named after the governor); George Washington • Guerilla Warfare • 1756-1763 the seven years lasted, in north America the critical period was 1756-1760 • France was at a disadvantage in the beginning of the wars. • British are ambushed in 1759 when they try to take fort dusquesne away from the French • British Setbacks • Edward Braddock- British general, was killed in the attempted takeover of Fort Dusquesne • High stakes diplomacy has high implications for people who are actually living on the ground • The Acadians- fell to Britain and came to be known as Nova Scotia. Alward relationship assumes as the British government is governing a Primarily French speaking peoples. Uneasy with the relations with the acadians and the aboriginals • Mi'kmaq • Charles Lawerence • • The Turning Tide • Vaudreuil v. Montcalm- clash over military philosophy. • William Pitt- sends over more soldiers, injects more money into the British system, also deploys the British Navy • By 1759, the British has more ships, more soldiers and were injecting ten times more money into their war effort then the French. The stage is set for the British Conquest of Canada. The figure put in charge was a 32 year old names James Wolfe. He had distinguished himself as a result of
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