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Royal Takeover

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Mc Kim

The Royal Takeover and the clash of Empires Key Themes: N Royal Takeover-1663 o Political and Economic Change N Clash of Empires o France vs. Great Britain The Royal Takeover N Louis XIV J ^^L[ZK}]_JThe State it is I. o Rises to authority in 1661Lhe embodies power in France o ,ZZ}L2o]]L^K L]o]ZK_ --Colonies existed simply to benefit the mother country Exploit the resources in the colonies Create a market for the goods of the mother country N Jean Batiste Colbert: Minister of the Marine and the Colonial Minister o Wanted to transform New France into a regular French province o Seeking to export to NA the government and economic structure of France o Three objectives of Colbert Promote population transfer from Old France to New France Increase trade within the colony Missionary work o New France was a scattered colonyLthe main objective of the Royal Takeover of 1663 was to consolidate the three mentioned objectives under one absolute rule *** o There was a pattern of governmental change o }o]K}ZL}oL 2}[Z ]L---- Divine Right of Kings o This Governmental Change included: Colbert and King did not govern on a day to day basis in colonies so colonial rule was divided into three main positionsrulers N (1) Governor: o Usually a military officer or someone of noble birth, almost always born in France o He was the supreme authority in NF** o Responsible for military and diplomacy in NF
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