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Heidi Bohaker

October 8 th 1. What was the immediate impact of the Conquest on New France? 2.What was the British plan for the new colony of Quebec? How did that change in 1774? 3.How did the American Revolution challenge those plans? -american revolution was a civil war before the other civil war and it benefited Canada as well 1759 -winning the war was easy but occupation was hard -people are aware that americans are hungry for land Articles of the first rule was that you had to be loyal to king george -people wouldnt be harassed for praticising their religion -you must take an owth of alligiance Proclomation of 1763 -redrew the boundaries -catholicas are to be excluded from all political office -the british had a system of local assembly but you had to have a certain about of land or wealth to be on the assembly(had to be british or a man) -there were only 50 prostants in all of quebec -James Murray is some who was from Scotland understood the clan system of the first nations -he worked with the church very closely to earn their support -people were surprised that the occupation was successful Quebec Under Carlenton 1768-1778 He was the one who
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