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October 5, 2010 Clash of Empires Imperial Rivalry 1689-1713: the first round(new france faces unfavourable odds, wiped out in terms of population, better relationship with aboriginal groups than the anglo-american, treaty made in montreal concluded, the French hold their own, what was left was the position of stalemate, after 1707: great Britain was formed; the French continue to occupy military forts, trading posts along Hudson Bay, new france suffers as a result of diplomatic negotiations); Treaty of Utrecht, 1713(end the european conflict know as the war of Spanish succession, france required to make major concession in north America: france, under the treaty of union, gives up claim territories in Newfoundland, france gives up territory surrounding Hudsons Bay, france give up their claim to Acadia, the colony of nova scotia, does not mean all was lost for new france, the French retain Canada (the valley of the st. Lawrence river); they retain Ile St. Jean (PEI) and Ile Royale (Cape Breton Island), very important to hold on to Ile Royale, the French begin to build a mighty fortress on Ile Royale, known as Louisbourg) Louisbourg (centre of economic activity and military, continue to fish, serves as a major obstacle to the political and economic designs of the British) The Flowering of New France Economic; social (filles du roi: daughters of the king, chosen women immigrate from old france into
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