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October 7, 2010 The Seven Years War (1754-1760) Phase 1 Beginnings (Fort Duquesne: 1754, French military force would clash with the Anglo- American force; George Washington: leader of the Anglo-American force; France at a disadvantage (pop. was small, depended on the fur trade), French enjoy better relation with their allies, especially with the Algonquians; guerrilla warfare: defined by unconventional military activities, surprise attacks, surprise raids, constant warfare, advantage over their rivals because not only did they rely on their people, they relied on people who were not familiar with the land); British setbacks (Edward Braddock: designs an elaborate idea to get new France to bow to its knees, qualified failure, fundamental aim fails, attempts to take fort Duquesne, as a result, Braddock dies trying to take fort Duquesne); the Acadians fate (Mikmaq: 17 century, violent clashes between them and the British, caused by the French, was not because the French told them to, because they were frustrated that the British were trying to take over their land, British anxieties intensified during the early stages of the seven years war, demanded an unqualified loyalty oath, we will not require you to take arms and fight against other French-speaking people, British officials opinions begin to change; Charles Lawrence: governor of Nova Scotia, A
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