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Rebellions of 1837-80

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Bohaker/ Penfold

Canadian History Lecture 12 stTuesday November 1 2011 The Rebellions of 183780 1 Lower Canada Unrest and Rebellion 2 Upper Canada Unrest and Rebellion 3 Outcome Victorious in DefeatArmed rebellion died break out during 183780 elections were often places were fights took placeVoting didnt become private until 1873 before that the crowd would say yay or nayUpper Canadian rebellion was easily put down and not that supportedFor more serious rebellion in lower Canada 250 people died during multiple battlesOver 1000 ppl were arrested for treason and over 100 sent to Australia Rebellion was against the crownChart in text bookIn both colonies rebels were ppl who were tired if rejection of the branch these rebels were often elected representatives of govt from legislated assemblyLegislative assembly has quite limited powersPetitions in process involved both upper and lower Canada trying t get British govt to make constitutional changes to give greater voice to people elected in the legislative assemblyBy 1837 there were enough ppl willing to take more direct action which lead to armed conflictA key issue was that members elected to assembly what they wanted was for the legislative council similar to what we see as senate to be elected directly and for executive council similar to what we see as cabinets to be chosen by legislative assemblyIn both colonies rebellious leaders were members of the assembly had deep seeded resentment to the status quoTreason was a capital offence at the time so it was very dangerousImportant becauseoRebellion leads to important constitutional change even though they werent successfulo If pl who were rich and important in society knowing that they face death if not successful means that these are serious causes they are fighting for
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