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The Atlantic Region

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Bohaker/ Penfold

HIS263 October 20 The Atlantic Region to the midnineteenth century 1 Newfoundland 2 Nova Scotia 3 New Brunswick 4 Prince Edward Island y These colonies are small in population and controlled by a small appointed government from Britain y By the end of nineteenth century all 4 will have rep govt and exec ruling councils that are drawn from the assemblies y Each of the 4 are shaped by distinct patterns in indigenousnewcomers relations and immigrationnew people come in and bring their own values y They all have distinct economies and local politicsy Different regions Atlantic Central Prairie have different issues in the federal level y From the chart theyre all growing Nova Scotia has the highest rate of growth relative population remains the same from 18311851 is when the most growth happens rates of growth change y When wars end recessions follow unless something happens thy The industrial revolution is beginning in the 19 century in Britain therefore all the past farmers are pushed out to Britain and go to Atlantic provincesy Britain is an amalgamation of 4 distinct people England proper Welsh Scotland Irish y They all have political issues and they bring these issues with them to Canaday Highland Scots coming Catholic farmersNova Scotia New Scotland 40000 Scots y They bring with them a common value for educationScotland is the home for the Scottish
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