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The Royal Takeover

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Bohaker/ Penfold

One of the thing that the prof finds really interesting is the fact that Canadian History could have gone so many different waysDates What you probably want to do for dates is try and group time into periods beginning and ending with significant eventsThe thing with history is theres a lot of research detailed specialized research For instance the prof told us quite recently that relationships between the Beothuk and the Newfies was hostile but the most recent journal of something or other shows evidence of nonhostile trade and contactAnyways to the teachingWhen we last saw New France it had stalled There were 3000 spreadout scattered people under constant threat from the Iroquois Confederacy The places they settled were also agriculturally challenged no room for plantationsthey produced enough for subsistenceSo what changed Louis XIV came to the throne and saw the strength of the colonies of all the other colonies and he decided to strengthen the colonial network Louis XIV of course is also quite famous for absolutismVersailles centralization of all government powers etc etc This of course meant he would take more firm control of New France which he did by instating the plan of JeanBaptiste Colbert who implemented the compact colony plan
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