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Clash of Empires - French-English Conflict

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Bohaker/ Penfold

Alright today were going to be looking at FrenchEnglish Conflicts first the ones that occurred during the Long Peace then War in the Ohio Valley and the Acadian ExpulsionFirst before we talk about war were going to talk about the influence of previous wars Despite the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht people in the colonies didnt forget theyd been fighting each other for 40 years Theres also a lot of religious tensions here as well as longstanding enmities by the French towards losses to the Iroquois Confederacy who after the English took over the New Amsterdam New York colony became strong allies of the English as wellThere were many instances of cooperative raids on New England colonies by First Nations and the New French many of whom were ransomed back but where possible children were adopted into the Native cultures who later in life refused to return having been assimilated and there was a backandforth strong attempt at conversionThis fighting pretty much stopped at the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 which was not so much an actual peace but rather a shift of effort by the European powers from physical warfare to economic conflictThe expansion of population economy and territories meant that by the end of the Treaty of Utrecht the New France and New England colonies were too close for comfortThat said there was l
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