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War of 1812

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Bohaker/ Penfold

Okay first things first a disclaimer that you probably wont need there was a War in 1812 in Europe but its a different one It was a LITTLE just a little connected to the Napoleonic WarsEssentially the United States invaded Upper Canada with a view to taking it over More broadly though it was the last battle in the 60 Years war for the Great Lakes when the First Nations of the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley struggled to protect their lands from invasionNow who won Well officially its considered a draw by the Treaty of Kansas In actuality the Indians lost in terms of their lands and rights and Canada won in terms of well we pushed them back and annexed them The Americans like to think they won by calling it the Second War of Independence but no they really didntAlright Upper Canada was only 22 years old here and people were quite aware of the possibility of continued conflict LieutenantGovernor Simcoe was a military officer and his vision for Upper Canada as we discussed last time was to make it a model of Britishness and also to make it ready for a war he was sure was coming So one of the first things that he did was move the Caital from NiagaraontheLake to Toronto and he renamed Toronto to York He moved important things to safe places He drafted all ablebodied men into the militia which didnt require much aside from 4 drills a year and having arms but it did allow Simcoe to SAY there were 5000 men in the militiaNext pointIndigeno
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