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Upper Canada, 1812-1837

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Bohaker/ Penfold

Alright were looking at stuff from the War of 1812 to the Rebellions of 1837Okay in major themes of the course were now moving away from the first two themes Canada as a colonial project and Canadas history as it relates to well other places Were now looking at Politics and Governance and the move towards ConfederationOkay immigration patterns You know a good deal about transAtlantic British thmigrations in the 19 century that starts now from England Another thing that happened was that American immigration basically stopped There were two reasonsone they wanted lands in the west where it was lest cold and two the Canadian government didnt want them therestopped doling out land to them etc The only significant migration was that of escaped slavesBut yeah big site of British immigrationby 1842 13 of all people in Upper Canada had been born in Britain After the War of 1812 the population of Upper Canada was 95000 Ten years later its at 157000 12 years after that in 1837 its at 400000 Yeah immigration boy was Canada a good investmentDuring this time First Nations peoples become increasingly marginalizedthe land is being overrun by immigrants many of whom hadnt shared the experiences of those who knew what the Natives had done for the stateLooking at settlement patterns from 1791 on in Upper Canada The land starts moving up and up there are land clearin
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