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Rebellions of 1837-8

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Okay were gonna look at Unrest and Rebellion first in Lower Canada then in Upper Canada and finally what the lasting impact was Keep an eye out for the rebellions in Montreal your greatgreatgreatgrandfather Edward Lightheart was in the Royal Scots Regiment and was sent over to put down the rebellionsSo in the late fall of 1837 rebellions broke out in both Upper and Lower Canada Now the Upper Canadian rebellion was largely small and easily put down due to lack of popular support but the ones in Lower Canada were far more severe there were around 150 deaths martial law was enforced over one thousand arrests many were shipped to Australia and 20 were hanged for treasonThere was considerable unrest in Lower Canada over the power of the Legislative council to give patronage appointments and control all major political decisions Remember the legislative assembly was elected but could not enact any laws Its tempting to think of the rebels as undesirables and fringe members of society but in both cases they were lead by very influential members of society such as the influential seigneur LouisJoseph Papineau in Lower CanadaDespite their superficial failure rebellions in Canada lead to striking and important constitutional changesNow the Lower Canada stuffinterestingly enough historians still heavily debate the causes of the rebellions Now we talked last time about the emergence of political parties which in Lower
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