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Union of the Canadas

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Okay so the Rebellions have happened and obviously there are serious concerns in Britain because the last time this happened it was the American Revolution So they send a very capable politician Lord Durham a fascinating figure who was elected to the House of Commons at one point He was a strong proponent of liberalism and reform such as the reform act over in Britain which had earned him the nickname Radical JackThe story of his arrival in Canada is an interesting onehe came in a multiship colony carrying his family all his servants his daughters dancing master his silverware and his dining table everything So on one hand this was a proponent of democracy while at the same time he was flaunting his aristocratic status and expecting the conservative social deference that he expected for a man of his rankHe spent most of his time in Lower Canada with one short trip to Upper Canada and he produces The Durham Report or the Report on the Affairs of British North America Two really strong recommendations come out of this The first which appeases most ofthe poor folks is that the people need responsible governmenthe doesnt use thoseexact terms he says that the governor should choose his executive council from elected members of the majority partyBut wait Considering that most of the rebels were in Lower Canada he reported to the King that the problem was not one of economics or liberty but a conflict of two c
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