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HIS263 Oct 14 The Loyalists and their World 1.) The Quebec Act British officials aimed to promote the French-Canadian people into loyal British subjects after the conquest by bringing about their assimilation The French language and Roman Catholic religion were deeply ingrained in the French-Canadian culture Imperial authorities move toward a policy of appeasement Making concessions and doing things that they like Seigneurs-aristocratic land-holders Four key characteristics of the Quebec Act- 1.) LAND-territorial boundaries of the British colony of Quebec are greatly extended 2.) RELIGION- it was unclear how the French-speaking and Roman Catholic people would be absorbed and drawn into the French Empire. Officially allowed for the legal continuation of Roman Catholicism including the right of the Catholic Church to engage in tithing- collecting a certain percentage of a given individuals annual income 3.) LAW- French civil law would continue to be practiced. British criminal law prevailed, however. The seigneurial system contrasts with the system of land tenure-i.e. private property 4.) POLITICS- establishes for the first time an appointed legislative council which serves as a kind of House of Common
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