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November 18 2010HIS 263 Newfoundland the Northwestthe North to the MidNineteenth CenturyI Newfoundland Similar yet differentoSimilarstapledrive economy and demand for greater democratizationoDifferentattempts on the part of metropolitan authorities to stunt Newfoundlands development in relation to other BNA coloniesDiscouraging Settlement oStJohns NewfoundlandoEarly European explorers were drawn to Newfoundland for the purposes of exploiting fishoKnown as the beef of the seaoEngland establishes itself in Newfoundland in 1610English merchants sought to discourage settlement because if many people are living there they will be tempted to participate in the fishing industry which will compromise their control over the monopoly oAfter 1610 Newfoundland exists as a subcolony who are treated differently than other BNA colonies thoBy the middle of the 17 century there are only 500 Englishspeaking residents oIt becomes increasingly important to assert some kind of sovereignty over Newfoundland because there were other European imperial powers active in the region thoIn the late 17 century metropolitan authorities recognize the year round settlers living on Newfoundlandacknowledging that they are a colony oThe p
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