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Steve Penfold

PENNFOLD SEMESTER 2 Lecture 1I Riel RevisitedLouis Riel Riel as a martyr and the founding father of Manitoba saw Riels execution as y Riel shoots Thomas ScottProtestant Ontariojustice y Riel lead two rebellions against Canaday French Catholic Quebec saw the hanging of Riel as injustice due to them seeing him as INSANEy CULTURAL CLEAVAGELOCAL ISSUES INTO NATIONAL POLITICSII Growing Divisions a Riel was only part of a growing division between the two cultures y MANITOBA SCHOOLS QUESTION o 1890 elimination of bilingual and catholic schooling a In 1870 there wasof the population that was catholic French by 1890 CATHOLICS WERE LESS THAN 10 of the population A LOT of Ontario Protestants migrated to Manitoba Catholics didnt have the political power to sustain the funding for separate schools THE LOCAL ISSUE BECAME NATIONAL y Manitoba Act 1871 o Protect religious minorities y Remedial legislationo Schools issue is a lightning rodsymptom of a much broader conflict within Canadian society o The Metis were seen as soul mates to the Quebeckers all French Canadianso Argued increasingly that confederation was a bicultural compacto HENRI BOURASSA 1904 Dalton McCarthy Argued the negativity of the special privileges of certain groups namely the Catholic schools he advocated for the equality of ALL and that Catholic schools have no place in Ontario Equal Rights Association Orange OrderIII The Laurier Style y The death of John A MacDonald in 1891 is the falling of Conservative support y CONSERVATIVES NATIONAL STRENGTH ERRODINGy Wilfrid Laurier pragmatic political outlet Liberal election victories1896 1900 1904 1908
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