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Heidi Bohaker

HIS263 Feb 8 Post-war Upheaval Influenza, 1918 When the troops starting coming home after the armistice in November of 1918, Canada and the world is gripped by a pandemic Influenza: at the time called the Spanish Flu Its global development came in three basic phases Phase One: began in summer of 1918 and hits Europe, West Africa and some parts of Asia Phase Two: much deadlier phase that began in August of 1918 and continued through the late fall and emerged in North America by the late summer Phase Three: It was dying down by the end of summer 1919 It spread across Canada in the fall of 1918 The numbers are not clear but it is probable that between 30-60 thousand people died in Canada At one level, microbes now very few social divisions and so it hits people of wide social positions and spreads to all parts of Canada likely through troop trains Infection touched all social classes, but death occurred only in some places There is no vaccine, so there is no cure The best thing to do is to provide basic nursing care This means that the effects of this disease are not equal Health care know social positions a
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