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University of Toronto St. George
Heidi Bohaker

September 15Lecture 2 1500presentHistory of the places that will BECOME the nation state of Canada other possibilities with the form of this country could have occurred but it didntHistory of Interactions indigenous people and new comersfrom 1500 in the present and between successive waves of newcomers and their descendants Relevance of Pre1500 historyneed to have a sense of who was here and who is doing whatin order to understand significance of cultural encounters exchangesand interactions we must know about the stories on the other side if we are going to understand change and continuitywe can only make these arguments credible we need to know who was here what the continuity stemmed fromall necessary for assessment New WorldNot so much its a historigraphical habitassumption that there was no history until Europeans showed up to write about it growing acceptance that Indians too have deep historycannot rely on European account as beginning People and Places to 1500 1 Definitions a aboriginal InuitIndianMetis section 35 charter of rights gives the aboriginal title meaningspecific legal definition bIndian First Nations statusnonstatus the word Indian also has legal definition in Canada connected to 1876 under the Indian Actrecognizes these people as having specific rights nonstatusrecognize themselves as Indian but does not have status under the law statusrecognized under Indian ActcInuit a term applying to people of the far north and northern boreal forest late 1930s is when the government tried to gain legislation over themd Metisblending of the twoof New comers and Indian culture blend of both culturesbecause there are Legal combinations applicable to each term in various different waysIndigenous will be usedeIndigenousbelonging to or coming from a particular placetitle is associated with links to LANDSPECIFIC area a set of practice a set a beliefs that were developed in and have long association to these beliefs200611 million identified themselves under one of these titles
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