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Lecture 3

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Heidi Bohaker

Visitors from East of Dawn Europe 15001600 Early IndigenousEuropean Interactions Canada strongly shaped by this century North East corner of North Americaand Peoples from Europetry to understand the complexities of these experiences and draw out early interactions 15001600 people living diversely but reasonable well no state like civilizations but clearly organized polities a place where an average personhad a good shot of a reasonable long life in artistically rich societies decent long lifeBetter off born in 1500 in France or HERE on boarders of Lake Ontario complex countries more people here had a higher probability living here complicated but if one HAD to choosethings in Europe changed rapidly in 1500the rise of Europe to world dominationone of the most rapid global expansionsdramatic of all timeit had a HUGE impact shaping what will have become CanadaWestern Europeans Advantage 1shipsthey knew how to use them 2 rapidly growing merchant classand by their monarchs and rulerstheir desire for wealth to fund war 3 Curiosityfuelled by the Italian Renaissance 4 Catholic church wanted to ex
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