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Lecture 4

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Heidi Bohaker

I Christianity and CommercesA Dependent New France 1 Founding a Colony aIndigenous Contexts in the NortheastWendatlocation of the Huron Wendat ConfederacyHuroncomes from the Frenchrefers to boars hairhairstyle the men wore thby 1600 there are now four nationsat the beginning of the 16 century there were only two produce a surplus produce for trade Petun Peoples in alliance with the WendatTobacco growers Attiwandaron Neutral people MontagnaisNorth of the St Lawrence River Haudenosaunee Iroquoisthe community in BrantfordWest of Brantford there is 5 nations of the confederacy b Hardenosaunee Condederacy this is a constitutionpictoral constitutionPeople of the long house SenecaCayugaOnondagaOneidaMohawk HIAWATHA BELT 5 nations into one confeseracy the narratives of the confederacy function as a gift exchange Beltalso represent the physical location of the confederacies they are mapped identically and the belt the squares represent where the nations restEVEN THOUGHthey were within a confederacy each nation were still politically autonomousthey tried to meet up 10 chief
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