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Lecture 5

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Heidi Bohaker

1 Change over time2 Continuity over time3 Action and Defect DATESPERIODIZING5 The Royal Takeover and the Transformation of New Frace 166317001 Becoming a Royal Colonyboth English and Frenchare mother tongue in Canada regional composition to the French population in Canada today cononly 3000 people strongspread out and skattered a few people in New Brunswick agriculturally industrizlied land economy tried to developbut centred on fur tradinghowever both could only produce enough crop for subsistencei 1643King came to the thrown Louis IVXcame into his majoritythe growing and continual strength of colonizationhe wanted to expand the French Colonyboth nationally and overseas absolutism the belief in the centralization of all military legal and financial power one signature element of Louis 14 policy was creating a separate policy in Versailles making himself the centre of all decision makinghe had strong interest in promoting colonization he was devoutly Catholicthis was SIGNIFICANTbecause he wanted to support the Catholic church overseasGIVING STATE PROTECTION TO THE RELGION SUN KINGFrench and the
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