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Lecture 11

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Heidi Bohaker

Assignment Making an argument with respect to the key wordsearly history experiences thEarly 16 centuryuntil the war of 1812 ish make an argumentsupport it with evidencegeneral intelligence of the answer make a good thesiswith evidenceNOT JUST FROM TEXT BOOKuse lectureand origins The War of 1812 between Britain and the United Statesfought principally in upper Canada Yorkwas attacked in 1813 there were key battles in other parts of the great lakes region as well US invasion of upper Canada with the view of taking it over 60 years War for the great lakeshas seeds in this context indigenous fight for their land connected somewhat to the Napoleonic wars in EuropeWho won the war of 1812 The victories that British won did not intend in the creation of a BUFFER stateand developed no protection for their land beyond that was recognozed by treaty 1812last time United States has invaded Canada1 Preparing for War Creation of Upper Canada out of Quebecthis creation was relatively new before the war broke ou war had been postponedwhen you look at upper Canad
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