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Lecture 13

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Heidi Bohaker

13 Upper Canada Society Politics and Economy to 1837Book of NegroesLog booka genealogical source of all the black loyalists coming from the Statesthe migration of slaves during this periodThemesCanada as a colonial project Canada Politics and Governance1 Societyof upper Canada aimmigration patternssettlement patternsclass rank morality and religionmigration after the war of 1812a lot come from the British AislesMigrationsFROM THE US STOPPED Apeople preferred to go west where it was less cold bAmericans were not wanted in Canada runaway slaves were the only significant group it is not that they avoided experiencing racismbut they were able to get jobs183213 of all the people in Canada were born in Britainafter the war of 1812 the population of upper Canada stood at 95 thousand10 years later in 1825 population is sitting around 1570005 years later in 1837400000 First nations people find themselves marginalized based on the massive influx of new immigrants real transformation in
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