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Lecture 9

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October 11 2011Aftermath of Conquest 17631774 What happens after the 7 years warPrologueForging Canada Through War not a nation forged by Warbut it is very much shaped by war PERIOD of conflict has profound implications for the country we call Canada1 7 years war17561763often called French and Indian War in Both American theatre 17541756 2 American RevolutionAmerican War of Independence 17761783 Part of Canadas history too this contributes a huge population of people who have to leave 13 colonies because they were loyal to Britain3War of 1812from 18121814this continues to be the second annual American Wareffects Canada because they tried to invade what we called Canada were not successfulALL THREE DEFINED the people and society that we call Canada 1 Sixty Years War for Great Lakes 17541814considered amongst the Indians1 The Proclamation of 1763royal proclamationthis is not an act of British parliamentthis is more a kin to the executive order of Canadian Cabnet it has force in law this was the instruction for all new British territories acquired after the warhow they were going to be fused as one territoryNew Francecalled Quebec now this document speaks to more then just CanadaEast Floridawest floand grenada Also affects the governance of islands that become part of Canada PEIst Johns Island given to Nova Scotiaas well as cape BRETTON isla
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