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Lecture 10

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Heidi Bohaker

Loyal They Remained The American Revolution and British North America Values of our peoplelinguistic dualitiesboarder makingWAR EXPERIENCE all created these products NOT THE CASEyes there was a royal proclamation ISSUEDBUT IT WAS THE RESPONSE of local conditions that necessitated thatACTS like the Quebec actprotecting French language rightspeople not wanting to assimilateit was all local reactionINDIGNEOUS reactions to the presence of settlersREQUIRED the British to make a Buffer zone LOCAL CANADIAN experience on the ground AND the empirethat shape the actions of empirewhich shapes Canada1 Quebec Invaded i Rebellion BrewingAfter the fall of quebecand the treaty of Paristhere was this major Jubilation of American colonies being a part of America British was bankruptthey needed help from these colonies to pay war debtsbut the local colonial governments were not consulted on the raising on taxesSugar ActTAX on wine coffee sugar Stamp ACTon all printed documentstaxes Growing sense of discomfortthat colonies felt British was overstepping its authourity only Two years after the treaty of ParisTensions are Bewing1770 there was protests BOSTON TEA PARTYamericans dressed up as indigenous dumped tea over the side imposition of military rulecolonies regard these sort
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