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Lecture 15

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Heidi Bohaker

The Union of the Canadas and the struggle for Responsible Government 184018491Durham Report 2The Union of the Canadas 3Responsible Government 4Economic Change Rebellionsmaller in upper Canada quickly suppressed Lower Canada larger both colonies arrests of those who were thought to have supported the rebels exile to Australia monetary fines beheadingLower Canadaunder martial lawsuspension of constitutionthe rebels however were fighting forputting their lives on the line for democracy and for the protection of their language and culture British looking at these rebellions and thinking uh ohis this going to be similar to the American Revimmediate action exerted to shut down the rebellion Lord Durham they appointed him as governor general to come to upperlower Canada to find out what is going on with the rebellionsDurhaman abled politiciana British Lord as well Strong supporter of LIBERALIZATON wanted to extend the franchise of British stipulationshe has advocated reform as a good thingwanted to investigate why these rebellions are happeningwith intentions to write a reporthe brings his whole family overincluding householdand entire entourage to Quebec HE IS A PROPONENT of democracySHOWN OFF all his wealth put on displayConservative deferencethis translated to wealth and connection to the highest levels of British governmentso ON THE ONE HANDhe is sympathetic to the rebellion causesbut on the other handhe shows off condescension and rankdisplaying the BRITISH ORDER RANKED societyproblembased in lower Canada2DURHAM REPORTtwo nations warning in the bosom of a single state strong recommendations come out of this report a colonies need responsible government DURHAM AGREESthinks that the governor should choose the executive counsel people bproblemNOT LIKE THE US OR ECONOMICSnot about libertybut Durham saw it instead as a conflict of TWO CULTURES two nationsWARING in the bosom of a single stateLower CanadaHOSTILE divisions between French and EnglishDURHAM supposed they solve this by forcing the assimilation of the French with the Englishforeshadowing confederationforcing assimilationto repeal freedoms given to the French in the proclamation of 1763 and the Quebec act of 1774HE SUPPOSED they take this BACKand force assimilation
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