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Lecture 20

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University of Toronto St. George
Heidi Bohaker

November 24 2011Making the Dominion Last Class What factors came together to make confederation possibleBritish North Ameirca was pushed toward Confeseration by two conflicting impulsesa desire for sepation within the colonies of Canada and a need for integration amongst British North AmericanSeparation break up of the union in CANADAS differences with respect to language religion and education desire for separationrelating to the political dead lock amongst the house of assembly in Canadaby the 1860s continual cycle of elections Union no functional for colonies 1defence issuesno railroad connections between maritime colonies and the ports problemthe American civil warthe lack of railway made relevant because of the defence issuesNEED for intercolonial railway2Settle the West in upper Canada desire towould be blocked because of the house of ASSEMBLYpolitical dead lock 3EXAM WHAT FACTORS CAME TOEGTHER TO MAKE CONFED POSSIBLE1864GATHERING in Charlottetown men from each colony came together to negotiate and draft a constitutionserious of purposals to guide British law makers Canadagets created because a law is passed in BritainEnglandconstitution is reworked 1 Writing a ConstitutionWe sedire local selfgovernment in order that the sepate natinalisties of which the population is composed my not quarrel We desire at the same time a strong central authority Is there anything incompatible in these two things Cannot we have both What is the difficultycall for a central government to deal with large issues BUT PROVINCIAL government to carry responsibilities for local mattersWHAT IS THE DIFFICULTY With federal government there were a lot of different ways to divide powerthe federal government is the strongestprovinces limited powersmall provincial government is the strongestbut fed limited power Who is going to have the supreme of final authority in the political system1Who is going to have final authority in the political system 2They didnt want an American systemthey wanted a BRITISH system British does not have a federal government
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