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Heidi Bohaker

Lecture 22January 10 1 Louis Riel Revisited Hanging of Louis Rielcreated cultural divisionsStatue RepresentationsRiel as a Marty vs Riel as Father of Manitoba Cultural Divisions a Riel as a Martyr distorted wounded martyr troubled nakedb 1993another version of Riel Father of Confederation statesman Father of Manitoba statues represent a conflict over memory Who was Riel How to understand him1885 Canadians were asking similar questionscoming to startling different answersCultural DivisionBETWEEN ANGLO ONTARIOAND FRENCH CATHOLIC QUEBECERS ImagesRiel shooting Thomas Scott 1870 Demonstration in Montreal 1885Because of the shooting Protestants thought it was fair justice for Riel to be executedFrench Catholics disagreedRielwas explicitly INSANEanyone else who was insane would be pardoned by the governmentbut the Quebecers argued that he was not pardoned by the government BECAUSE he was French and Catholic THIS EXAMPLE POINTS TO1 The cultural CLEAVAGE OF CONFEDERATON ANGLO VS FRENCH 2 Speaks to the way LOCAL Issues become National Issues 3 The way that cultural Issues become political IssuesConfederation was SUPPOSED to give the answer to toleration of cultural issues in a way in which it could manage differenceBUT LIKEWISETHIS MAKESLOCAL ISSUES NATIONAL ISSUESCULTURAL CONFLICTS fought along lines of language religion and politicas in this period 1 Manitoba School Crisisone of the post difficult issues1890GOVERNMENT of Manitoba eliminated public funding for bilingual and Catholic schoolsBOTH had been enshrined in the Manitoba Act this systemvery sensible in the 1870s ManitobaFrench Catholic mainly METISand Anglo Protestantsgiving Catholic School fundingmakes sense in terms of populationand helps balance political power HOWEVERBY 1890S the number of Catholics dropped to less than 10 because many Anglos from Ontario populated the area increasingly AFTER 1870 Ontario settlers migrated to Manitoba Anglos worried that separate schools would cause division in a culture which they wished to be unified and coherent
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