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Heidi Bohaker

SEND TO vlad92hotmailcomLecture 23January 13 Immigration as Peril and Promise 10 for rural 40 for urban1 Societies in Motion Graphshows the immigration varies greatly overtime 18961914is the peak of immigration comes to an end with world war 1 when it plumits this period showed a huge peak of immigration3 million immigrants arrived in Canadatwice the total of the previous 30 years of immigrantsDynamic of that boom Why came WhyThink about immigration boom in a broader way Societies in Motion Immigration is only ONE FORM of migration that shapes Canadian historypeople in motion thinking about migration more generally is the key themeMigration into Canadaimmigration Migration out of CanadaALSO VERY IMPORTANT IN CAD HISTORYPPL LEAVING EMIGRATIONMovement withinthrough CAD MIGRANTS who go inout who live within Canada Internal Migrationmovement within Canada ex Move of Protestants from ONTARIO into ManitobaHOW THAT RADICALLY AFFECTED policy in Manitoba 2 Nation of Emigrants the dominant migration was leaving in the 1890sto 1896 many emigrated to the US in 1900 over 1 million Canadians were living in the United States15 of the CAD POP Big Chunk of people who went to the stateswere French Canadians from Quebec that migrated to New England between 18401930ABOUT 900000 FRENCH CAD migrated to the US this points to a key theme in migration history a push and pull factors French CADpushed to be economic decline in QUEBECAgriculturalRURAL areas in Quebec became more and more crowdedno land ALSOQuebecs industrialism was newted compared to the rest of North AmericaUNDER DEVELOPED INDUSTRYpushed French Canadians out of Quebec
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