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Farms Factories Bunkhousesi the host society Asiatic Exclusion League first organized in the first decade of the 1900s organized in BCa large influential movement that brought together a whole diverse range of social groups the key force that mended this league were the local trade unionsthey feared economic competition and the moralcultural effect of Asian immigrationfusion of economic and social concerns small businessmiddle class professionals also contributed to this movementin 1907 the AEL organized large displays of resistance against Asian immigrantstheir languageAn act to prevent the employment of female labour in certain capacitiesThe White Womans Labour Law Saskatchewan 1912this act combined both economic and moral concerns this act OUTLAWED Asian employers from employing white womenthus ON THE one handthere is ECONOMIC competitionand on the other handthe fear that white women would engaged in sexual immorality is brought within these immigrant communitiesBASED around conceptions of civilization Frank Olivers Hostilitymirrored general dis
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