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Heidi Bohaker

Canada and the British Empire in the AGE OF LAURIER 1 Institutions the limits of Confederationtheory vs practice ambiguity CONFEDERATION did not create an independent nationMAIN POINT Governor General Responsible government ALASKA BOUNDARY DISPUTE 19031906Confederation did not create an independent nation Governor General Responsible government Alaska Boundary Dispute 19031906 ConfederationDID create the dominion of Canada with internal self government within the British Empire this Dominion had internal self government within the British empire Confederation did NOT dramatically redefine the relationship between British North America Canada and Great Britainit didnt alter the relationship between great Britain very much THE BRITAIN DID exercise oversight after confederationthough the governor GENERAL the BRTISH representative in CANADAif legislation went against BRITISH LEGISLATION then the British DID STEP in the way the NEW DOMINION had no control over CONFEDERATION relationship regimesthe power to create relationships with other countriespower to create treaties and power to declare war and peace AFTER CONFEDERATIN CANADA HAD NO CONTROL OVER THESE THREE Canada did not have its own ambassadors to other countriesTREATY POWERCAD had no power to sign treatise with other countriesBRTISISH WOULD ALWWAYS FORMALLY NEGOTIONATE THE TREATY AND SIGN THE TREATISE on CANADAS BEHALFWHEN BRITAIN was at war CANADA was at war when BRITAIN was at peace Canada was at peace BRITAIN in declaring warwould declare war over the ENTIRE EMPIREWHEN THEY DECLARED PEACE CAD WAS THUS CONFEDERATIONMADE CANADAAN INTERNALLY SELFGOVERNING COLONYWITH BRITISH OVERSIGHT this situation was not created by confederationTHE POWER TO SELF GOVERN THROUGH Responsible government through 1840s through 1860s CONFED TOOK SELFGOVERNING colonies and put them into FEDERAL COHESION Crucial distinction BETWEEN THEORY AND PRACTICE ex the Laurier period it was very UNCOMMON FOR governor generals to have to sign off on new legislationQuestion of WARit is true technically when Britain is at warthat CANADA IS AT WAR you have to arm troops ship them where war was
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