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Heidi Bohaker

The 1911 Election1 1910 A Navy A Journey Naval Service Act introduced January 1910 royal assent May 1910 he set up a CAD navy service that came about from the Naval Service Act introduced in January of 1910 creating for the first time a Canadian Navya two year dist1928Increasing tension between India and Germanyplaying out at the concession of Naval power they Germany was setting up in Naval Supremacyin 1909 Britain asked the dominions for help in catching up to the Navy buildings the DREADKNOT crises Britain asked the Dominions for helpmonetary means so they could increase German Naval powerhow should Canada respond Most Canadians agreedCanada should have its own Navy TWO QUESTIONS CAME FROM THIS CONCLUSIONWhat kind of navy Coastal defence to protect our fisheries Navymore substantial used for imperial services Saw this as an opportunity to step up to the plate Many AngloImperialists A What kind of navy B WHAT do we do in the short term buy ships train sailors etc Even if our long term strategy to build a Navy what do we do immediatelyWe should just give Britain the cash NOWcrises is amongst us We should stay out of the British Navy question entirely Lauriers Naval Service acttried to balance these opposing forces so for our purposes the Naval service act 2 KEY PROVISIONSACANADAbuild a Navy of 11 shipsvarious sizes set up a Naval college to train soldiers in times of Warthis needs to be changed over to a Canadian defence neither imperialists nor French Canadian nationalists were pleased by this compromise Imperalists saidthis was not enoughA pathetic attempt to build the navythe BRITISH NAVYat the core of British power freedom and liberty CENTRAL TO THE NOTIONBRITAINS ARE POWERS IN THE WORLDruling the waves controlling the wavesFrench Canadiansstakes are high as well What are our obligations to the empire French Canadian NATIONALISTSthis was too much the problem was that this provision to give to the French Canadians in the time of warCORE ISSUEnot just about shipsbut about how Canada would fit into the empire Canadas Navy as getting involved in imperial battlesa lot is at STAKEgiven royal assent in MAY OF 1910 Canadian Navyinitiated in 1910 LAURIER travels west by rail he travels west on a whistletop tour of the military
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