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The Fate of the Empire

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University of Toronto St. George
Heidi Bohaker

HIS263 The Fate of the Empire, 1914 - 1939 Thursday February 17 th 2011 September 1939 September 1 , 1939, Adolf Hitlers troops entered Poland France and England declare war on September 3rd th September 10 , Canada declares war Two things to notice about this time line: 1. Canadas declaration of war signalled an important change (Canada didnt issue a declaration of war to enter WWI) The purpose of this lecture: to explore what changed between WWI and WWII, enabling Canada to make its own declaration of war 2. Canada declares war one week later than Britain Previously we have explored Canadas relationship with Britain in terms of institutions and ideas Traditional institutions formally tied Canada to the empire, but the ideas of Canadians themselves tied them to the British empire Well look at the way institutions and ideas shaped Canadas ties to the empire and the world between 1914-39 to explain why they waited a week Canada and the Empire During WWI, Robert Borden was prime minster Believed that a unified imperial foreign policy with coordinate autonomy (still formally part of the empire but with the opportunity to display autonomous diplomacy) However, Borden had relatively success during WWI and Canada had relatively little say in the British war effort other than send troops Borden did, however, leverage promises of more troops for a greater say in the running of the war effort From about 1917 and onwards, Borden sees increasing success in leveraging a role for Canada
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