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HIS263 Feb 15 The Great Depression The Crash Oct 29, 1929 It was called Black Tuesday buy the journalists The stock market crashed This crash paralleled the crash on Wall Street This is a global event and will have repercussions around the world The crash was more a symbolic beginning for the Great Depression It didnt actually begin it and the end is at WWII, when the war economy begins to pull it out The Crash is a symptom of a broader problem A whole series of interlocked problems International stability Overproduction of key production commodities Overuse of credit for the purchase of commodities These things characterize broadly the Western world The Depression is a global phenomenon This event will play out differently because of local, regional and national variations Canada was hit particularly hard because Canada was very dependant on export, and specifically in export of natural resources Because there is a slow down in world trade, Canadian exports go down by a quarter The key economies in Canada were export d
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