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we have lived here since the world began

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Thursday September 16, 2010 We Have Lived Here Since the World Began Notion that indigenousaboriginals inhabitants were primitive and unchanging The opposite is true, rather they are complex and sophisticated witnessed considerable change over time I. The way of the Land Population c.1500: Americas as a whole: as high as 100 M Population in Americas as a whole Concentrated in warmer and more fertile environment Northern North America: 500, 000-2 M Concentrated on the Pacific Coast Original settlement Beringia; Bering Strait Aboriginal Myth: They originated here; they didnt migrate here, but started here They had been here since the beginning of time Myth: Aboriginal societies have origin storesmyths that groups tell themselves, and from which they get a sense of meaning, purpose and communal coherence Creation stories are important view the presence of the story of Aboriginal peoples differently: the consensus is that people of Asia origin arrived in the Americas between 50, 000 10,000 years ago. It is probably that they arrived somehow by Beringia some sort of walkway connected Russia to Alaska Within this pop
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