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clash of empires

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Clash of Empires I. Imperial Rivalry 1689-1713: the first round Treaty of Utrecht Brings to an end the War of the Spanish Succession During negotiations, France consolidates its influences in its empires; but, in exchange there were obliged to make major concessions in North America (3): under the auspices of the Treaty, France gives up all claims to the territory of Newfoundland, gives up all territory surrounding Hudsons Bay, renounce their claim to Acadia (small but gradually population in North Eastern North America). In effect, they renounce their claim to the province of Nova Scotia, which was considered the region of Acadia. This region, officially recognized as Nova Scotia This cession would have a tremendous impact on the French-speaking people. They now found themselves under the authority of an English speaking empire. Despite major concessions, these diplomatic changes did not mean that all was lost for New France. Most importantly, the French retain what was commonly known as Canada (the valley of the St. Lawrence river). They also retain to Ile St.-Jean (modern day P.E.I), and Ile Royale (modern day Cape Breton Island) Fo
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