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the seven year's war and the fate of the empire in north america

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The Seven Years War and the Fate of Empire in North America Phase One: Beginnings Came into contact with two people: English fur traders, and land hungry settlers English system of land tenour premogeniture (land is passed down from male head of household to oldest son). It is ambiguously a male dominant system of land As Anglo-American population expands younger sons and families are constantly pushed westward in search of fertile land Governor of New France seeks to control French control. As a result, French military contingents are sent out to the territory of Pennsylvania. They are set out to create a fort in this area called Fort Duquesne No sooner, would they clash with English soldiers (Anglo-American) who were led by George Washington. These clashes are inconclusive, but they are bound up with a larger struggle. In its grander sense this is known as the 7 years war Violence that takes place in north American occurred from (1754-1760). They become bound up on a larger imperial struggle that is played out on several continents. This officially runs from 1756-1763 France at a disadvantage because populatio
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