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lower canada: society, politics, and economy to 1837

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

Lower Canada: Society, Politics, And Economy to 1837 I. Economic Challenge and Change Urban context: Disparities in wealth: most workers were unskilled, and poor in the early 19 C.h Many, spent upwards of half their income on food (most basic of human necessities). This is evidence of . Women are working in large numbers. For example, in 1825, 25% of women were working as domestic servants, laundresses. This complimented the income obtained by the men, whom were primary breadwinners. The significance is that the number of women working was quite high. Separate spheres ideology: in theory, held that the public domain in things like politics and business were for men (naturally well suited). Women by contrast, participated in the private sphere of the home (child birth, and domestic responsibilities). Over the course of the 19 C, this ideology crystallizes and becomes a model for middle class people. There are always exceptions for this ideology. Much middle class people would hold up this ideal, but many women would need to work because of their state of poverty. Diseases such as cholera ran rapid. Caused by severe hydration, which resulted in an excruciating death. chateau clique: members of business elite which include influential politicians and civil servants. Called this, because they spent a lot of time socializing in the home of the Governo
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