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the rebellion of 1837-8

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The Rebellions of 1837-8 Background: Shaped by eternal developments. Placing Canadian history in a larger Atlantic world. The essential ideas in its broadest form include: economies, societies and political structures of all four continents that border on the Atlantic Ocean. Not an obstacle or behaviour that separates each continent, but advocate it as a highway that crisscross using different networks. Ideas: abstractions that are not tangible. These are influential. For example: revolutionary. Ideas that demand and call for dramatic change (political, economic, or cultural). As a result, certain people are infuriated, while others are inspired. They in part, help give rise an age of Revolutions, which take place during the late 1800s- early 1900s I. The Lower Canadian Rebellion) Atmosphere of conflict (See previous lecture beginning and Patriotes and continue to Doric Club) The Rebellion Sir John Colborne (governor) Dispatched from Upper Canada to Lower Canada Becomes chief military figure in LC Objective is to suppress radicalism led by Papineu Call to arrest of the leaders of patriotes movement Papineau escapes arrest and moves to Americas as a refuge The momentum
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