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economy and society in mid-19thC BNA

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

Economy and Society I. The Great Unraveling The fiery fifties: Following series of progressive irravelments. Supporters are making a case for responsible government Characterized by co-operation between Canada east and west 50s characterized not by compromise, but of tension, animosity, and rivalry collapse of co-operation. East (Fontaine and Bawldwin) is critizes by a group knows as the rouges. They derive, energy and inspiration from revolutionary movements in France. They are always in a minority to propel into a government position. West threat to the east. Clear grites; group opposed to the east, led by George Brown (businessmen and politician). They wanted more change in constitutional development and evolution. rep. by pop.: demanded representation by population. Canadian census of 1851 revealed that the population of Canada west was larger than that of the east. Moreover, it was growing at a faster rate, as a result of continued transatatic British migration More people thus, should mean more representation. They were upset that there was equal representation. Emergence of political deadlock Inability to get anything done politically speaking John A. Macdonald; G.-E Cartier (partner
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