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resisting confederation

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Revisiting Confederation November 30 I. Resistance in the Maritimes Support for Confederation strongest in Canada West and weakened the further east one travelled The achievement of British North American Union involved significant development related to terminology-Canada West renamed Ontario and Canada East Quebec o The term they settled on for Canada was dominion o One hypothesis-one of the key fathers of Confederation, Samuel Leonard Tilley, came across the 72 Psalm in his Bible-talks about God having dominion from sea to sea-he identifies this as an appropriate term o Terminology speaks to the deep religious conviction of authorities like Tilley o Has an important constitutional significance-dominion is suitable because Canada was NOT an independent country legally. Great Britain remained in control of Canadas external affairs. Not recognized as an independent country until the early 1930s Resistance to Confederation was both long-standing and widespread-i.e. vocal opponents of Confederation before and after 1867 Resistance to Confederation in Nova Scotia was strong o Great critic was Joseph Howe. His opponent was Charles Tupper Tupper felt that Confederation would be beneficial in Nova Scotia. Felt that an inter-colonial
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