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the assimilation agenda

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December 2: The Assimilation Agenda Attempts on the national government based in Ottawa to assert its authority over indigenous people. It expresses itself in its assimilation and absorption in euro- Canadian mainstream Dominion 1867: the idea of Dominion from sea to sea was an abstraction. By early 70s this would change, stretching from an abstraction, to an actual fact. I. The Assimilation Agenda Treaties In the years after the Red River uprising and Manitoba Act ,the Canadian government would seek to assert and impose its authority (legally and morally) over the indigenous people of western Canada Consistent with this objective, the Manitoba act is followed between 71-77 by a series of treaties: Seven Numbered Treatises, 1871-7 Through these treaties the Canadian government obtains titlelegal ownership, of lands that had been previously occupied by indigenous populations in the west (includes NW. Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta) These treaties were based on the principles of the old Royal Proclamation (1763, says that land transactions cannot be concluded by individual settlers and native groups. Rather, they must take place between one representatives of the crown, and two representatives of the indigenous populations whose land they are d
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