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immigration as peril and promise

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

Immigration as Peril and Promise January 13 I. Migration in Canadian History Biggest serge of immigration is during Laurier period to WWI Key Concepts: Migration takes many different forms: immigration, emigration, net migration (difference between immigration and emigration), internal migration, sojourning (come and leave work to make cash and leave), backdoor immigrants (people who came to Canada, but their intention was to go to the United States), and push and pull factors (pushed out of one place, and pulled into another) Migration is rarely as simple as moving from one country to another. Usually migration is a series of steps (complex set of movements that take place over a single lifetime, or over generations). Often times, internal migration can be one step towards emigration and immigration (intertwined multiple steps). Many migrants come and left (ex. sojourn). II. A Nation of Emigrants Canadians are often more anxious to leave Canada then they are to stay. Essentially, more are leaving then coming. Vast majority of emigrants go to the United States In 19 C over 1million Canadians lived in the United States. If they had not left, then there would be a 20% increase in Canadas population English-Canadians often migrated over the border not far from their present establishments. They largely migrate for land. Difficult to t
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