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WWI: the home front

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Mc Kim/ Penfold

WWI: The Home Front February 3 I. The Governments War 1914 The War Measures act The government moved to control unprecedented areas of Canadian life Regulate economy, and control political expression Controlled he activities of enemy aliens: people from countries on the other side October 1914: government required enemy aliens to register with police, and make monthly reports to police. Censored the foreign language press publishing a paper in an enemy language would have to be approved Increasingly, the government moves to suppress its treatment of enemy aliens. Moved to also regulate economy. By 1916-7 it becomes more intrusive in economic life. They implement the first income tax. Originally a war measure, it never went away Wartime Elections Act Fuel & Food Controller Government governed production, and consumption of food and fuel. Consequences was an increasing cost of living II. War and Community War is about community mobilization moving communities to a specific cause Churches preaches sermons that regarded the importance of fighting Schools: built war into curriculum. A Manitoba teacher produced a play that would allow the students to perform to parents and
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