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Lecture 24 - Wilfred Laurier and Canadian Politics

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Heidi Bohaker

Wilfred Laurier and Canadian Politics Louis Riel Revisited  Anglo-Protestant vs Franco-Catholic  Martyr vs Father of Manitoba --- the Metis were disturbed as a wounded tortured soul --- then as a Father of Confederation --- conflict of memory  1885 - what does Riel mean for Canada? Growing Divisions  Tensions between English and French in 1885  Protestant Canada saw Riel's execution as fitting punishment for his crimes  Protestants saw Riel as the Riel who shot Scott  French Catholics saw him as insane and his hanging was an injustice  1 - Fundamental Cultural Cleavage in Confederation, 2 - Local Issues Become National Issues, 3- Cultural Issues Become Political Issues  Riel was only one of the language religion politics issues  Manitoba Schools Crisis o 1890 -Manitoba eliminated funding for bilingual and Catholic Schools o Catholics were less than 10% of Manitoba's population because settlers from Ontario moved in - settled the West o Catholics don’t have the political power anymore o Became national issue - education is a provincial responsibility, but the BNA Act gives Federal power to protect religious minorities o Can pass remedial legislation o French Canadian politicians liked Confed to give Quebec enough autonomy - control of education, marriage etc - saw Confed in terms if Quebec - "French Canada" was just Quebec to them --- they eventually would support French Catholics outside Quebec o Quebec came up with a new idea of Confederation - it was a "bi-cultural compact" between two founding peoples and that they had rights across the country by 1900 it is common sense in Quebec o Henri Bourassa - idea of cultural duality - this is the dominant idea of Quebec in Canada - by this time Quebec is thinking of a French Canada including other grou
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