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Steve Penfold

Lecture 34 Post war upheaval February0912 122 PM 1 Influenza1918 o Spanish flubreaks outo Quarantineordered to be quarantined ordered theatres to be closed and other thinkso Citizens mobilised to offer aid o Ontario Emergency Volunteer Health Auxiliary through provincial board of healthwhich mobilises amateur nurses called sisters of Service who are given a small amount of training and go out to take care of people who have no one to take care of themo It was usually done by upper or middle class women o For some women it was the first time they crossed social boundaries o So medicine with frontiers o There is tension between general and social experienceo There are social groups mobilising their own volunteer effort o They provide food o The Jewish provide their own effort called the Jewish Aid Committee Winnipeg points to need of respectable community nurses with children should joino By 1919 influenza has passed out by Canada2 Winnipeg general strike and beyond o May 15 1919 20 thousand workers walked out of their workplacesof all kinds of workers at the same timeo Cause was dispute between two unions of metal workers and builders o Wanted better wages and union recognition o Demand for wage
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