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WWII - Soldier's perspective

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Heidi Bohaker

HIS263 March 3 World War Two: Soldiers, Citizens and Consumers The Soldiers Story More than a million Canadians served in the military during WWII There were diverse motivations to enlist Some enlisted because they wanted a job Others joined for the masculine experience or glory Others believed that it was a war for freedom and important things The smallest contribution of Muslims was on water Missions in the air force were more dangerous than those in the army The early part of the war gave the soldier the experience of garrison duty Soldiers often married in the city where they were deployed (war brides) Security because a large issue There was also a lot of homosexual activity If same-sex relationships left the unit level, it became a military discipline issue One of the Boys by Paul Jackson reveals the disciplinary actions on people who partook in same-sex activity Canadians were heavily involved once they were deployed in Europe Canadians also served in Northern Europe Canada didnt consider itself a major power in the war Women and
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