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Steve Penfold

Lecture 41 Cold war Canada March1312 106 PM 1 The cold war A very Brief History o After 1945 foreign policies o Relations between capitalist democratic countries of north America and western Europe and communist countries of eastern Europe and Asiao Liberal capitalist countries led by us competed with the Ussr and by china competed globally for resources for trade for political allies and for ideological supremacyo Between 1945 48 Ussr imposed communist dominated governments it had occupied in WW2 o Local communist took over china in 1949 o In the mean time the liberal democracy make alliances to oppose communist plot o Both sides argue that the other is bent on world denomination o US is leader of western liberal democratic countries and led out cold war policies in late 1940so The us argued for mobilisation of all will and all sources against communist threat yet since both had nuclear explosives the result of direct confrontation would have been catastrophic o Therefore the cold war was avoiding direct confrontation and rather deal with superiority confrontation o They fought by proxy they horded resources into local conflicts that served as proxy for local events o The idea of credibilityidea that if the west backs down which makes local small events
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