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Steve Penfold

Lecture 42 The government party in Ottawa March1512 111 PM 1 June 10 1957 o John Diefenbaker won minority government for conservative party since the liberals were in power for 22 yearso Two popular liberals were st Laurent and McKenzie kingo St Laurent was corporate lawyer from Quebec city alternated between English and French Canadian leaders o Liberals in power for so long and nature of liberal governments in this period2 Uncle Louiso Civil service emerges in modern sense and seen as idea generator for the partyo JLGranatstein The Ottawa Men such as Pearson who worked in external affairs bank etc had three characteristicswere highly educatedand discussed how the government should operatesecond they entered these key ministries from late 20ies to late 1940sthird is that they share intellectual approachmoderate liberalism belief in free markets British democracy and government seen as positive force that should be modernised o They deemphised the party itself or mobilise your baseo At the same time liberal parties go to advertising companies to communicate their liberal ideaso Cockfiled brownbiggest advertising company in Canada helps define themes in liberal action campaigns they decide the most marketableaims
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