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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Steve Penfold

Lecture 10 Loyal they remained the American revolution and British north America October1311 112 PM 1 Quebec Invaded 1rebellion brewing o After the fall of Quebec and ParisBritain needed money so increased tax money in colonies such as the Sugar Act the Stamp Act anything printed taxed the colonial tax this happens 176465o By 1765 the sons of liberty forms go harassing tax collectorso 1760 British troops fire into mod of protestors and mob is killed o The Boston tea party with Americans who call themselves patriots dress as Mohawks and dump tea on side of Bostons Harbour o The Boston harbour suspended and military rule put in o The American militia starts to form and in 1775 start fire with Britain o And in the spring of 1775 there is a gathering of colonial leaders who believe they are going to invade Quebec and the British 2Quebec in question o If they dont take Quebec the Britains are going to bring troops there o Belief that the French Canadians might throw o
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